AI: Apple is Secretly Creating its own Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT or Bard

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Apple is developing AI to compete with ChatGPT and Bard

INNOVATION: With Apple GPT, the American giant seeks to do what Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI are already doing

Apple is in the running and does not intend to be left behind. The American giant is working on artificial intelligence tools capable of challenging the models developed by OpenAI with ChatGPT or even Google with Bard, reports BloombergBut no clear strategy has yet been developed to bring this technology to consumers, according to the financial media.

The company was able to create its framework in 2022: Ajax. She was able to use it to design a chatbot that some engineers at the company call Apple GPT. In recent months, a lot of effort has been made on this technology with several teams collaborating on the project, according to information from Bloomberg.

Apple has fallen behind

If Apple doesn’t mention it yet, it’s because the company is concerned about data privacy. This Apple GPT was created at the end of 2022 on an experimental basis by a handful of engineers. The rollout was halted due to security concerns related to Generative AI. But the barriers have since been lifted and more employees have been able to test it.

Apple was taken aback last year with the introduction of OpenAI ‘s ChatGPT presentation, Google Bard and Microsoft‘s Bing AI. The American giant has been integrating AI features into its products for a long time, but it needs to catch up on generative tools, explains Bloomberg. Apple’s main AI tool is its voice assistant Siri. But the latter has changed little in recent years.

A revolution not to be missed

Apple must also hurry: the company does not want to miss a fundamental change in the functioning of devices with the use of generative AI. iPhones and other iPads will have to deal with this technology, so it is better to master it with your own tools.

Apple employees claim that the company’s tool essentially replicates Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI. It would not include any new features or technology.

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