War in Ukraine: The CIA Warned by the Netherlands of the Destruction of Nord Stream

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The CIA warned by the Netherlands of the destruction of Nord Stream

REVELATIONS: The CIA warned Ukraine “after receiving an alarming report from the Dutch military intelligence services (MIVD) who heard about the plans via a Ukrainian source”

Doubts persist about the origin of the destruction of Nord Stream. But clues are emerging. Dutch military intelligence warned the CIA of a Ukrainian plan to blow up the Nord Stream gas pipeline three months before explosions damaged the underwater structure, media reported Tuesday.

The US then urged Kyiv not to proceed with the operation, Dutch public television NOS reported, in conjunction with German ARD and the weekly Die Zeit. The CIA warned Ukraine “after receiving an alarming report from the Dutch military intelligence services (MIVD) who heard about the plans via a Ukrainian source,” NOS explained.

Russia, Ukraine and the United States defend themselves

The Washington Post wrote on June 6 that the CIA had been warned of Ukrainian plans by a spy agency from a European country, but without naming the state concerned. Asked about the information, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren declined to comment. “I cannot comment on the work of our intelligence services,” she told reporters at a press conference in Amsterdam, adding that the incident was being investigated by Germany. , Sweden and Denmark.

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, meant to transport natural gas from Russia to Germany, were sabotaged by underwater explosions on September 26 and rendered inoperative, potentially depriving Moscow of billions of dollars in revenue. Several countries, including Russia, Ukraine and the United States, have been accused of bearing responsibility, but all have denied it.

Zelensky unaware

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reaffirmed that he was not involved in the Nord Stream gas pipeline explosion and did not believe that other Ukrainian officials played a role, as several newspapers claimed. The plan allegedly intercepted by Dutch intelligence indicated that Ukrainian General Valery Zaluzhny was in charge of the operation, involving a small team of divers using a sailboat, and President Zelensky was unaware, according to OUR.

The Washington Post revelations are consistent with information from German investigators that a team of six people with false passports rented a sailboat from the port of Rostock, Germany, to conduct the operation. The Polish company having rented the sailboat would in fact be owned by Ukrainians. Danish media recently reported, however, that a Russian navy vessel specializing in underwater operations was photographed near the sabotage area shortly before the explosions.

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