Nord: A Woman Hides a Burger in her Panties for her Boyfriend in Prison

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A woman hides a burger in her panties for her boyfriend in prison

PRISON BURGER: A woman was arrested in the visiting room of a prison establishment while concealing illicit goods intended for her imprisoned companion

At the beginning of last week, a 29-year-old woman was arrested when she came to visit her companion, detained in the Annœullin penitentiary centre, near Lille, in the North. According to our colleagues from La Voix du Nord, the young woman had tried to introduce gifts for her incarcerated boyfriend in the visiting room.

She had to wait impatiently for him, the defendant’s companion, last Tuesday. Because on the menu, he had to receive something to eat and something to relax. Except that when the young woman arrived at the visiting room, the plan did not go as planned. It was a prison dog who first sniffed something abnormal on his chest. Indeed, she had concealed, in her bra, nearly 30 grams of grass and cannabis resin.

She often brought him meat

But there was something else, and the story does not say if it was also the dog who was behind this discovery. Anyway, it turned out that the prisoner’s partner had hidden, god knows how a hamburger in her panties.

For having tried to introduce narcotics and food into the visiting room, the couple, therefore, found themselves before the Lille court. At the hearing last Thursday, the defendant admitted that it was not the first time that she had brought her boyfriend food, mainly meat. For drugs, on the other hand, she promised that it had never happened. She swore it was an order, and assured him it wasn’t true. In short, both were sentenced to three months in prison, she was suspended, he with continued detention.

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