Finistère: A Little Girl Killed by the Shots of a Neighbour, her Father Seriously Injured

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Finistère: A little girl killed by the shots of a neighbour, her father seriously injured

FATAL SHOOTING: The shots occurred on Saturday evening in the garden of a house on Saturday in Plovenez-du-Faou, between Quimper and Morlaix. The suspect was arrested

An 11-year-old girl who was in the family garden in Plonevez-du-Faou (Finistère), between Quimper and Morlaix, was shot dead on Saturday evening and her father was seriously injured after a neighbour’s shots, announced Sunday the parquet floor of Quimper. His sister, who was right next door at the time of the tragedy, is unharmed.

“The gendarmes discovered the lifeless body of an 11-year-old girl. The child’s father was also found seriously injured. His vital prognosis is engaged, ”said Quimper public prosecutor Carine Halley, adding that the neighbour and his wife had been placed in police custody.

The neighbour had taken refuge in his home

The tragedy occurred around 9 p.m. According to witnesses quoted by Le Télégramme, the victim was playing swings with his younger sister (8 years old) in the family home’s garden. The British-born parents were sitting nearby when the neighbour allegedly burst in with a gun. The mother of the family is injured, less seriously than her spouse, and injuries do not involve her vital prognosis. The youngest of the girls managed to take refuge and was found safe and sound “but in a state of shock”.

According to the first elements of the investigation, “the victims’ neighbour, a 71-year-old Dutch pensioner, suddenly appeared armed with a firearm and fired several times at the victims who were in their garden, before retreating to his home, in the company of his wife, ”added the magistrate. And to clarify: “After the intervention of the negotiator of the gendarmerie and the GIGN, the defendant and his wife ended up surrendering. They were arrested around 11 p.m. and taken into custody. »

If the reasons for this drama are not yet known, “it would appear that a conflict has been opposing the two neighbours for several years over a plot of land adjoining the two properties”, indicated the magistrate.

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