Festival: The 80’s Group “Imagination” Opening at Trélazé

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Group "Imagination" opening the Trézalé festival

It is now a tradition, the Trélazé Festival opens on the evening of the Fête de la Musique. See you this Wednesday in the parc du Vissoir for the 1st of 14 evenings.

“Illusion. Could it be that it’s just an illusion? “. Do these lyrics mean anything to you? The general public first heard them in 1982, played by a DJ in his limo in New York. In a few weeks, they became the planetary hit of the British group Imagination: Ashley Ingram on bass, Errol Kennedy on drums and behind the keyboard, and Leee John and his crystalline voice on the microphone. Forty years later, to the day, on the 10th May 2022, this same Leee, born John Leslie McGregor, took to the stage at the Olympia in Paris. And, this Wednesday 21st June 2023, he will be on the stage of the Trélazé Festival, at the opening of the 27th year, in order to revive the group Imagination and this music between soul and funk of the 1980s.

Let’s remember, Earth Wind and Fire and its “Let’s groove”, Kool and the Gang and the “Get down on it” were already on all the turntables when “Body talk” introduced the group Imagination, a year after the assassination by John Lennon. It is with this revival that the 27th edition of the Trélazé festival will begin this Wednesday evening. And it never rained at the opening of the festival.

14 free concert evenings

No, Lamine Naham did not reverse the table by going from 1st deputy to the mayor of Trélazé. But yes, he put his paw on the festival. With him, the Trélazé Festival begins on June 21st

, the landmark date of the Fête de la Musique. With him, the set is grouped together at the end of June and July. We do not return at the end of August to the Parc du Vissoir. If the programming is tighter, the budget makes it possible to offer a few more expensive artists. And this edition of 14 dates should reach new heights.

By opening with Leee John at the time of the 40th anniversary of the group Imagination, the City makes a tempting proposition to all fans of funk music. By inviting Sheila – next Saturday -, she has already hit the bull’s eye with a multigenerational population. We already know that buses are chartered from afar for the singer of the 1960s who had known how to take the turn of disco in the 1980s.

Without citing them all, let’s name Amir (June 27th), Mc Solaar (June 28th), Charlie Winston (June 29th), Stephan Eicher (July 5th), NRJ in the Park (July 8th), Véronique Sanson (July 18th) and Michel Polnareff closing (July 20th).

As usual, all these concerts are free entry.

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