Bricomarché, Gamm vert… A Plant Recalled, Contaminated by a Parasitic Worm

A Ginseng ficus is recalled in many stores in France,

A ginseng ficus is contaminated with the species Meloidogyne enterolobii, a worm classified as an invasive pest by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The government site RappelConso does not only list food product recallsBut well all reminders, whatever they are. Like this reminder issued about a ginseng ficus, contaminated by a parasitic worm.

Marketed in several stores, such as Bricomarché or Gamm Vert, this plant contaminated by the species Meloidogyne enterolobii thus presents “an environmental risk” and must be destroyed or brought back to the store.

References of the ficus contaminated by a parasite

The recall sheet published Friday 23rd June 2023 on RappelConso was issued by the company Mendiburu Frères.

It, therefore, concerns the ginseng ficus, marketed everywhere in France at Bricomarché, Gamm Vert, Côté Nature and Lore Basa.

The plant bears the following references:

  • Code GTIN : 106381326
  • C56702
  • Sold from 02/14/2023 to 05/17/2023

No danger for humans or animals, but an invasive pest

If the parasitic worm has been identified in the soil, Meloidogyne enterolobii presents “no risk to human or animal health. But it is an invasive pest that threatens vegetable and horticultural crops, against which the fight is mandatory, ”recalled the Ministry of Agriculture on the occasion of a previous recall of ginseng ficus for the same reasons, last May.. RappelConso had also issued a recall sheet at Ikea for Ginseng ficuses contaminated by the same worm.

Also, as a precautionary measure, it is recommended to bring this plant back to its point of sale for destruction. A telephone number is available to consumers, 06 36 13 45 87.

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