Atari Releases a New Game Cartridge for its 42-year-old Console

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A new cartridge available for the Atari 2600

VINTAGE GAMING: The Atari 2600 console was released in France in 1981

If you dream of bringing out your old Atari 2600 console, now is the time! As BFMTV relays on Sunday, the “Mr. Run and Jump” game cartridge will indeed be available in a limited edition from July 31, for the sum of 60 dollars (about 55 euros). This 2D platform game, with a resolutely retro look, will offer 6 worlds, 80 levels and 5 different types of enemies. The goal? Allow the protagonist and his dog to escape the “terrible Void”.

For the video game publisher, this is a first intended to bring the famous Atari 2600 up to date, specifies Clubic. This mythical console, released in 1981 in France, has greatly contributed to the democratization of video games within homes. It was later dethroned by other consoles, such as Nintendo‘s NES.

Available on modern consoles

The Atari studio, which fell into disuse after the crash of video games in 1983, is thus making a remarkable comeback. Players who do not or no longer own the Atari 2600 will still be able to play Mr Run and Jump, since the game will be available on modern consoles (Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Serie X and S) and on PC (via Steam and Epic Games).

For pre-order purchase this summer, the game “Mr Run and Jump” will be delivered in a dedicated box with a manual in paper version, retro requires. The cartridge will have a vintage design, however with slightly rounded edges to prevent possible shocks. It will not come with a code to download the version on current consoles.

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