Actor Julian Sands, Missing While Hiking, Found Dead

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Actor Julian Sands, missing while hiking, found dead

The actor, Julien Sands, known for his roles in Room with a View, Ocean’s Thirteen, Stargate SG-1 and 24 Hours, went missing in January near Los Angeles.

He had been missing since January 13, 2023, while hiking near Los Angeles, California. Julian Sands was found dead at the end of June. Remains had been discovered and authorities confirmed Tuesday, June 27, that they belonged to the 65-year-old British actor, according to the Associated Press.

The Tear, Room with a View, Ocean’s Thirteen…

A critically acclaimed comedian, he began his career in the 1980s in the UK. During this decade, he chained major roles, such as in the drama The Tear, which traces the arrival of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, or Room with a View where his interpretation is very noticeable.

The 1990s marked his departure for Hollywood and bigger budget films, such as WarlockArachnophobia or Leaving Las Vegas and Timecode. Other secondary roles were offered to him in the years that followed ( Ocean’s ThirteenMillenium: The Men Who Didn’t Love Women).

Since the 2000s, Julian Sands had also turned to the small screen, where he appeared in series like SmallvilleStargate SG-1Law & Order: SVU and 24 Hours.

Outdoor lovers

In an interview with the Guardian, the actor declared his love for hiking. He claimed then that he was happiest when he was “near the top of a mountain on a glorious cold morning”.

He had then made expeditions in the mountains his greatest passion. In the Andes, he tells our British colleagues, he almost died, “stranded in a terrible storm above 6,000 meters”.

At the beginning of the year, he had decided to go on an adventure to Mount Baldy, in the mountain range north of Los Angeles, despite the very difficult weather conditions, due in particular to violent winds. This adventure was the last.

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