New Mercedes E-Class: A Bit of Classicism in this Too Modern World

Mercedes E-Class

AUTO: Mercedes has just unveiled the new generation of a traditional pillar of its range. The new E-Class evolves just enough to stay what it is: elegant, comfortable and reassuring.

Aesthetically first, Mercedes is not making a revolution. The general line remains very traditional, although slightly more streamlined than before. And it is above all the new front and rear optics that will allow the untrained eye to tell the difference between this generation and the previous one. The headlights display a double curve in the lower part and a light signature that gives it a soft look, while the rear lights light up drawing three-pointed stars.

Mercedes E-Class interior
The new E-Class remains classic, and we like that. -DR

The star is a gimmick found on the grille and on the decorations of the dashboard. The latter presents a new very fluid design, with a central screen of good size. And the good news is that if you check the Hyperscreen option (frankly dispensable if you want our opinion), the dashboard does not take on an excessive appearance as is the case on other models. The third screen is simply integrated in front of the passenger.

The new Mercedes E-Class remains classic
The new Mercedes E-Class remains classic, and we like that. -DR

Classic engines

The “ 100% electric ” role being reserved for the EQ models, the E-Class, fortunately, remains classic in its mechanical offer, even if all the motors receive electric assistance. At launch, there will be 2.0-litre petrol (204 hp, 320 Nm) and diesel (197 hp, 440 Nm) 4-cylinders, aided by micro-hybridization providing a temporary boost of 23 hp and 205 Nm. The catalogue includes also two petrol plug-in hybrids based on the 2.0-litre block, with a combined power of 312 or 380 hp. The 25.4 kWh battery provides some 100 km of electric range, and the homologated figures are 0.8 l/100 km and 18 g CO2/km for the 312 hp version, 0.9 l/100 km and 20 g CO2/km for the 380 hp version. Diesel plug-ins are already announced for later, and we imagine that the mechanical catalogue will be further enriched, in particular by the AMG versions. Orders will open this summer for deliveries in the fall. The prices are not yet known.

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