Ford F-150 Lightning: Also for Europe

Ford F-150 Lightning, the American bestseller, electric version

AUTO: While we weren’t expecting to see this big baby with typically American proportions, Ford finally decided to import the electric F-150 into Europe. But not everywhere, not right away.

In the USA too, electrification is taking its course, at a different pace from Europe. But here, it is by the most popular segments that we attack the market. And “In America”, the most popular segment is the pick-up. The most popular model in the most popular segment, the Ford F-150 Lightning had been the first electric model of its kind, at least from a major manufacturer. Two electric motors, 452 to 580 hp, 4.5 tonne towing capacity, 98 or 131 kWh batteries, 5.9 m long: this is one hell of a beast, it was not there was still a question of importing into Europe when we did a brief test.

Ford F-150 Lightning, the American bestseller coming to Europe
Ford F-150 Lightning, the American bestseller, electric version – DR


And yet, Ford seems to have changed its mind. Yes, the F-150 Lightning will indeed cross the Atlantic, and it is the beaches of Norway that it has chosen for its landing. Logical, this country is the most electrified in Europe. We imagine that other countries will follow, depending on the success of what Ford says is “a very limited number of copies”. At what price? We don’t know for the moment, but we know that the Norwegians will only have one version to afford, a mid-high-end version, sold in the USA for the equivalent of €69,100. Enthusiasts?

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