Airdrop: Gala Games will Distribute the Tokens of its 2nd version in May 2023

Gala Games will distribute the tokens of its 2nd version in May 2023

CRYPTOCURRENCY: GALA holders will receive an airdrop sometime in May

GALA holders will receive an airdrop sometime in May. To benefit from it, you will not have to store your tokens on an exchange, a liquidity pool or in a smart contract.

An airdrop scheduled for May 15

Web gaming platform 3 Gala will distribute a V2 of its token on May 15th . This was announced by the team behind the project in a blog postV1 tokens will be automatically converted to this new version. Thus, no action is required from Gala holders who keep it in their Ethereum wallet.


The team advised users to withdraw their tokens from any liquidity pools or smart contracts before the May 15th snapshot. Indeed, if the token remains in a liquidity pool, it will be airdropped in the latter and therefore unrecoverable.

If the exchanges have been contacted before this transition to V2 of the GALA, it is also advisable to withdraw your tokens from the crypto exchanges. By keeping your tokens in a personal wallet, you can ensure that you receive them correctly.

This new version of GALA brings its share of improvements including a new burn mechanism, optimized security and even greater scalability.

What is the Gala project?

Gala Games is one of the biggest Web gaming platforms on the market. On the latter, we find in particular games like Spider Tanks, Mirandus or The Walking Dead: Empires. Thus, we can compare this platform to a Steam version Web3.  

Within this ecosystem, we also find the Gala Films platform. Recently, different Hollywood actors including Dani Trejo have invested in a TV series ‘ RZR ‘ which will be broadcast through this platform. This eight-episode series features an unenviable, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

The GALA token allows users to purchase different digital assets within this ecosystem.

A partnership with Huobi

Recently, Gala announced a partnership with crypto exchange Huobi. The latter aims to support users affected by an incident last November. At the time, pNtework had been able to mount over a billion pGALA tokens “from scratch” on the BNB network and sold them via PancakeSwap. This action had led to a 97% drop in the price of GALA tokens on the BNB blockchain.

Huobi and Gala have pledged to distribute up to $50 million to investors who lost money as a result of this incident. At the same time, the two actors started legal action against pNetwork to recover these funds.

Gala is gaining momentum and intends to establish itself as the number 1 gaming platform on the blockchain. Other similar projects like Ultra are also in the race and do not intend to let it go.

The gaming sector is one of the most promising in the crypto ecosystem. For many observers, it will be key to the adoption of blockchain by the general public.

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