Pension Reform: Emmanuel Macron Has Chosen to Use 49.3

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Pension reform: Emmanuel Macron has chosen to use 49.3

DEMOCRACY: A Council of Ministers convened urgently validated this choice

Did Emmanuel Macron cross the Rubicon? After a tense morning, during which summit meetings followed one another, the Head of State decided to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to pass his pension reform without a vote in the AssemblyCouncil of Ministers was convened urgently a few minutes before the decisive session to authorize the government to trigger this article.

The reactions are not expected after this announcement. “The Elysée is not a park to shelter the whims of the president”, tweeted Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the Socialist Party. The coordinator of La France insoumise Manuel Bompard for his part denounced “the permanent coup de force. The people are against them. Let’s get them out,” he pleaded. For his part, the PCF deputy Fabien Roussel deemed the government “unworthy of the Republic”.

At 3 p.m., the session of the National Assembly started with boos. The deputies of Nupes immediately intoned a Marseillaise, causing a suspension of the session, then continued to be heard during the speech of Elisabeth Borne. Marine Le Pen announced that the RN was going to file a motion of censure, while Olivier Faure denounced “a permanent coup” by Emmanuel Macron after the session.

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