TikTok: Watching Videos Could Soon Become Paid

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Could watching videos on TikTok become a paid service?

PAYWALL: A one-dollar digital toll could be imposed to access certain high-value content on TikTok

Will TikTok become paid? According to the American site The Information, the Chinese social network would indeed consider establishing a paywall to allow content creators to increase their remuneration. In other words, it would be a digital toll through which some Internet users will have to pass to access premium videos.

This change would be a small revolution in the world of social networks, currently based on an advertising model. According to 01net, only certain services reserved for adults already use this paywall system to block access to content deemed sensitive. This is particularly the case of the OnlyFans social network . According to information from our colleagues, the amount of this new toll introduced by TikTok should be set at one dollar.

A new fund for creators?

One question remains, however: Internet users, accustomed to free content, will they be willing to pay to watch videos? Everything will depend on their added value and their promotion by the social network, which is currently working on a new version of its fund for creators. The latter is intended to improve the income of the biggest influencers on the platform, who would be most likely to use a paywall to allow their subscribers to access certain content.

According to The Information, the current fund is accessible on several conditions. One of them is to have at least 10,000 subscribers. To be able to benefit from the new fund being created, influencers must be followed by at least 100,000 people. This new version is already being tested in Brazil and France. The final launch could take place as early as next month in the United States.

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