A Parisian Ceremony Awards its “Web3 Awards” to 7 Personalities and Projects

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A Parisian ceremony awards its “Web3 Awards” to 7 personalities and projects

The initiative has made it possible to highlight French and European players in Web3, and bring two worlds closer together.

Often divided between its actors and politicians, the French crypto and Web3 landscape can also agree and move forward – together. As the motto of the Olympic Games, it is partly from this hope that the first Web3 Awards ceremony took place in Paris on Wednesday 22nd February, under the initiative of The Big Whale.

Co-founded by Raphaël Bloch, Grégory Raymond and Dimitri Granger, the media which has just over 20,000 subscribers to its French and English newsletter has succeeded. “To all Web3 players: what you are doing is fully legitimate, generating value and strong promises for the future”, commented Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition, invited on-site.

Other personalities are known in France and internationally were present, such as the co-founder of the metaverse platform The Sandbox, Sébastien Borget. For others, the ceremony was an opportunity to highlight their work, their impact and their projects. “We have brought together two worlds that were not used to talking to each other” , added Grégory Raymond on Twitter.

Morpho Labs, Ledger, Bpifrance…

In the eyes of the general public, we will recognize the presence and victory of Bpifrance as an investor of the year, or of Ledger as “Project of the year”. But there was, yesterday at the Web3 Awards, a prize and a project to watch even more closely, namely Morpho Labs, which has already raised more money than Mark Zuckerberg in the seed cycle of the launch of Facebook. The Parisian startup voted “Innovative Project of the Year”, has already received no less than 18 million euros from around a hundred investors.

As “Impact Project of the Year”, the collective World of Women was chosen by the eleven jurors of the ceremony. Launching in 2021, it aims to catch up on the backlog already in Web3 “to make it a more inclusive space,” community manager Kashvi Parekh told Coindesk last month. The project carried through art, with thousands of NFTs offered for sale under various collections, imagined by the artist Yam Karkai.

To bring the Web3 sector and try to explain it to as many people as possible, nothing better than to analyze it. For professionals, it is the work and the business model on which the Parisian startup Kaiko has established itself, which has already made a name for itself on an international scale with documentation and data. keys, whether on the industry or its regulations. Its boss Ambre Soubiran received the Web3 Award for “Ambassador of the Year”.

Finally, the co-founder of Angle Protocol Pablo Veyrat won the prize in the “Young talent of the year” category. At the age of 26, he and his two associates tackled the protocols of stablecoins and launched a cryptocurrency pegged to the euro, the agEUR. At present, the token would already participate in 70% of the transaction volume of all euro stablecoins, announced to Cryptoast, Pablo Veyrat in early February.

The full list:

Ambassador of the Year:  Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko)

The young talent of the year:  Pablo Veyrat (Angle Protocol)

Innovative Project of the Year:  Morpho Labs

Investor of the year:  Bpifrance

Impact Project of the Year:  World of Women

Corporate Project of the Year:  Lacoste

Project of the Year:  Ledger

All nominees by category:

Ambassador: Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko), Claire Balva (KPMG), Eric Larchevêque (Ledger), Nicolas Julia (Sorare), Pascal Gauthier (Ledger), Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox)

Young talent: Claire Lasserre (Kanji), Faustine Fleuret (Adan), Hasheur (Meria), Pablo Veyrat (Angle Protocol), Paul Frabot (Morpho Labs)

Innovating Project: Kiln, Lens Protocol, Morpho Labs, NFT Factory, WalletConnect

Investiser: Bpifrance, Fabric Ventures, Leadblock Partners, Stake Capital, White Loop Capital, XAnge

Projet of impact: Blockchain for Good, Carbonable, Dune Analytics, Jarvis Network, Toucan Protocol, World of Women

Corporate project: Guerlain, Lacoste, Renault, Tag Heuer, Tiffany & Co

Project of the year: Aave, Curve, Ledger, Sorare, The Sandbox

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