Gratins, Quiches, Pies… Some Ideas for Cooking Leeks

Some ideas for cooking leeks

Did you know? Green and white are eaten in leeks. Don’t know how to cook them? Discover our zero-waste tips…

What a pity to throw away the green of the leek! It is concentrated in vitamins and nutrients. It contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins C, B, and iron… “Yes, but it is impossible to eat”, will you answer us.

Not so much if you make it into a soup. Once blended, it will be softer. Steam it to keep its vitamins and release its flavour. Then you just have to incorporate it into your preparations.

The green of the leek blends into gratins, quiches and pies. You must first soften it by blanching it in boiling water if you have not already steamed it.

Leek green fondue is excellent, anti-waste and easy to prepare. Once minced, brown the pieces in olive oil, add onions and let melt for ten minutes. Gourmets can finish with a spoonful of fresh cream.

Even more clever, keep the green leek in the freezer for your next preparations.

The white of leek loves the gentle cooking of the pot au feu.
The white of leek loves the gentle cooking of the pot au feu. (©M.Studio/AdobeStock)

White leek, extra tenderness

Easy to prepare, the leek does not peelSlice it, cut it into sections… It is rich in potassium and fibre and gives a little boost to lazy intestines.

The leek white will keep all its flavour if you steam it, you can then prepare the traditional ” leek-vinaigrette “. Slip it into your broths or soups and simmer it. He adores, for example, the gentle cooking of the pot au feu.

Leek à la tarte tatin is a real delight, and easy to prepare. If you like asparagus risotto, change everything and try the leek… Prepare the whites in fondue and garnish your pancakes. Leek-salmon, leek-scallops, leek-raclette cheese or goat cheese will go wonderfully together on a savoury tart…

Leek is an easy-to-live-with vegetable, which is also economical. So we all melt for the leek!

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