Apple to Release 21 New Emojis in Spring Update

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21 New Emoji Coming to iPhone in Spring

Smartphones: New Emojis to Include Plain Pink Heart and Various Animals on the Apple iPhone

Apple will be releasing 21 new emojis in their upcoming software update for iPhones. These emojis include a shaking face, a pushing hand, and various new heart colors, such as plain pink. Additionally, new animals such as a moose, a donkey, a blackbird, and a jellyfish will also be added.

The plain pink heart has been a popular request for some time, according to Emojipedia. Until now, pink hearts always had extra parts like arrows through them, and there was no plain pink version.

The new Apple emojis are based on symbols approved by the Unicode Consortium in September 2022. After Unicode approves new emojis, software companies need to decide how each one will look on their systems before users can start using them in text messages.

Unicode approves new emojis based on whether the image will work at a small size, whether the emoji adds a new idea that can’t be expressed with current emojis, and if a large number of people are likely to use it. The organization has approved over 3,600 different emojis, which, according to its data, are used by 92% of the world’s online population.

Developers working on the beta version of the new iOS update have already seen how the new emojis will look on Apple phones. However, the designs may change before being made available to the public. In 2022, a new troll emoji was changed to have a smaller nose for its official release.

It’s worth noting that the new emojis have already been available to Google and Samsung users since late 2022. With this release, Apple users can now express themselves in new ways and add more personality to their texts. The release date for this update is set for spring, so keep an eye out for these new emojis on your iPhone soon.

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