Strasbourg: 600 Checks but “No Major Incident” at the Christmas Market

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600 checks but "no major incident" at the Christmas market in Strasbourg

SAFETY: Josiane Chevalier, prefect of Bas-Rhin, gave an initial assessment on Thursday of the security measures put in place at the Strasbourg Christmas market 2022

Even if the security system put in place this year on the Strasbourg Christmas market managed to remain discreet, without giving the worrying impression of a fortified place, it was nonetheless effective. This is the observation made by Josiane Chevalier, prefect of Bas-Rhin, who held a meeting on Thursday, a feedback (RETEX) on safety at the Christmas market, with various state and city services.

While “even though the issues of security and the terrorist threat still remain significant”, the prefect welcomed the “good collaboration carried out with all the partners throughout the year”. A collaboration which led to the implementation of “measures and an adapted system”, underlines the prefect.

“A fine grid of the hyper centre”

For the record, this device was based on “a fine grid of the hyper centre”, “an immediate reaction capacity of the police” and a “continuum of security between the city of Strasbourg and the State”.

Nearly 1,000 police, gendarmes, soldiers, firefighters or security guards were deployed every day between November 25 and December 24. Still, according to the prefecture, 600 people were checked during this period. “No major incident has been recorded” even though attendance has increased compared to previous years”, welcomed the prefect.

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