OneDrive Failure: Unable to Access Files on Microsoft’s Service

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Microsoft Onedrive experiencing problems for users

The year is off to a good start for OneDrive users. Indeed, Microsoft’s online storage service has been experiencing many difficulties since this morning. Users can no longer access their files in particular.

On this Monday 2nd January 2023, the OneDrive cloud storage service opened the ball for the first outages of the yearIndeed, if you’re used to working with Microsoft’s online backup tool, you’ve probably encountered serious difficulties accessing your files this morning.

Rest assured, you are not the only one. Testimonials from disgruntled users have multiplied on social media and on Down Detector. “ It looks like OneDrive is down. This is the first time that i see this. Hope it doesn’t last,”  David Hewson wrote on Twitter. “ All files and folders are gone,”  says another user.

To summarize the situation, it is still possible to connect to the service. On the other hand, do not look for your files stored online since OneDrive no longer displays them. “ Sorry… We encountered a problem. If the error persists, make sure you don’t have any firewall settings or browser plug-ins that could be blocking access to and then try again,”  it reads. the website.


At the beginning of the afternoon, Microsoft spoke on Twitter, confirming the presence of a technical problem. “ We are investigating an issue that may prevent some users from accessing or opening files from For more details and other updates, please see document OC494006 in the admin centre”. 

Note however that it is still possible to consult and download files stored locally. The problem mainly affects documents saved in the cloud. As of this writing, the official Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account has yet to share any new information about the situation. Of course, we will update this article as soon as there is something new. And you, are you affected by this OneDrive bug? Tell us in the comments.

Onedrive experiencing server problems
Microsoft Onedrive not accessible to users this morning (Credits: Capture Down Detector)


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