Energy Crisis: This Baker from the Oise can No Longer Pay His Bills, He Calls for Help

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This baker from the Oise can no longer pay his bills, he calls for help

PRICE INCREASE: The electricity bill for this craftsman rose to 12,000 euros in December, against 1,800 euros before the crisis

baker from Rieux ( Oise ) demonstrated on a roundabout in Villers-Saint-Paul on Monday. His goal? Alert on soaring energy prices which threatens its trade, reports France 3 Hauts-de-France . In December, his electricity bill doubled. While it was 1,800 euros before the crisis and then 6,000 euros in November, it finally climbed to 12,000 euros.

“That’s more than half of my monthly turnover. Which means that if I pay this bill, I don’t pay my employees, my suppliers and the rest of my expenses,” he said. The professional refuses to pay this last invoice which would sign “the death” of his company.

But he is not the only one to suffer from this situation. On Monday, other traders from the department gathered at the Villers-Saint-Paul roundabout to demonstrate. Elected officials were also present. “There are measures that must be taken urgently to stop today, what we discover this morning is amazing,” said Maxime Minot, deputy Les Républicains de l’Oise.

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