Chrome Remains the Most Used Browser in the World, Edge Reaches a Plateau, Firefox Regresses

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Chrome remains the most used browser in the world

Statcounter has released its annual desktop browser market share distribution table worldwide. Chrome remains firmly anchored in the first position. Edge occupies the second step of the podium, but seems to stagnate.

Browser usage statistics published by Statcounter confirm that Chrome remains by far the most widely used desktop browser in the worldIt is the browser chosen by approximately 66% of Internet users for daily Internet surfing. Microsoft’s Edge is in second place, with almost 11%, while Safari is adopted by 9% of the population. Firefox points to 7%, while Opera only manages to convince about 3% of Internet users.

If we put aside Safari, which is the prerogative of computers running macOS, we see that in the field of browsers available on all operating systems, Edge is placed far enough ahead of Firefox.  According to Statcounter, many Internet users have abandoned Mozilla’s browser between 2020 and today, since the red panda’s market share has increased from 10% to 7.22% in this period.


This drop in popularity is probably due to the emergence of Edge, Microsoft’s browser. Since 2020, the adoption of the latter has been growing. New users particularly appreciate its speed (some say it’s 37% faster than Chrome ), its various features, such as its free VPN , and its security. Remember that, despite its first place, Chrome is considered the least secure browser with regard to private data.

The Redmond firm is constantly working to make its product the best it can be, but it looks like Edge adoption will hit a plateau in 2022. The browser only gained 2% of users in one year. It should be noted that the figures put forward by Statcounter do not claim to be extremely precise. They make it possible to take a snapshot of browser adoption at a given time, but the methods used to aggregate these statistics cannot accurately reflect reality.

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