Speed ​​Cameras: New Road Signs Installed on French Roads

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Speed ​​cameras: New road signs installed on French roads

ROAD SAFETY: No reference to the safety of motorists will be indicated

On French roads, signs indicating automatic speed cameras appeared in 2003 with the arrival of these devices. Motorists are therefore familiar with these different signs and their meanings. But these will change soon.

Thus, all the signs announcing the presence of automatic speed cameras on which appeared the words “for your safety, automatic speed cameras” or “for your safety, frequent speed camera checks” will be replaced by three other types of signs, according to information from the radars-auto.com website.

No reference to the safety of motorists will be indicated. Drivers will instead be able to see a simple sign featuring the radar wave pictogram, a car and a motorbike, but without text.

Different types of panels depending on the situation

Another type of panel can replace the old ones in other cases. This is a simple sign with an indication of the number of kilometers. This means that, on this distance, it is possible to cross any type of radar, but also the possibility that there is none.

Last possible panel: is the one with the pictogram of the radar wave with the motorbike or the car and a speed limit indication. When visible, expect to see a fixed-speed camera a few hundred meters away.

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