Already a Union Calling on Railway Workers Not to Check the Pass Sanitaire on Trains

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Already a union calling on railway workers not to check the pass sanitaire on trains

The health bill definitively adopted last night by Parliament provides in particular for the extension of the Pass Sanitaire (negative Covid test, vaccination certificate or recovery certificate) to passengers of long-distance trains and to employees carrying out their activity on board.

SNCF employees such as railway security controllers and agents will therefore have to have a pass sanitaire (health pass) to be able to work on board these long-distance trains from the 30th August.

The ultra-left union SUD-Rail has already warned that it ” will not hesitate to call a strike on the whole ” of the group ” if the State and the management of the SNCF came to confirm their intentions to sanction “employees without a pass” by suspension or reclassification “to a position not requiring this pass “.

The revolutionary union asks the SNCF agents to carry out only “their only missions of security and checking of transport tickets”, he indicates in his press release.

However, he says he is a supporter of “ general vaccination on a global scale ”, a very authoritarian position that he considers the “ best way to stop the pandemic ”.

But SUD-Rail “ refuses coercion and infringement of freedoms” and “positions itself against the pass sanitaire (health pass) ”, which it considers “ antisocial ” and “ discriminatory ”. According to this union, the pass sanitaire (health pass) ” is being built against workers, especially those who worked without any protection during the first wave and who this time will be the first to be punished “.

It’s weird, to almost agree with Sud Rail …

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