Why You May Not Receive your Mail from La Poste in Lille Tomorrow

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Mail distribution could be disrupted in Lille, Tuesday, May 11, 2021, due to a strike movement.

Tuesday 11th May 2021, mail delivery by La Poste in Lille could be disrupted. A strike notice is filed to support an employee threatened with dismissal.

The postman may not ring. Tuesday 11th May 2021, a strike movement at La Poste could disrupt the distribution of mail in Lille. The CGT protests against the threat of dismissal against a staff representative.

A strike by postal workers to support a colleague

The CGT FAPT (Federation of Postal and Telecommunications Activities) of the North calls for a day of action on May 11, accompanied by a strike notice. “At La Poste de Lille, management directly threatens a staff representative with dismissal,” denounces the union. “A comrade of the CGT postman was summoned to a preliminary interview with a view to a sanction that could go as far as dismissal. “

Consequently, the CGT calls for a rally in front of the DSCC (direction services-mail-parcels), 45 rue de Tournai at 10 am, and to strike.

The union also denounces the current working conditions at La Poste: “While since the start of the health crisis, postal workers, particularly exposed to the virus, have maintained their activity despite the risk of contamination, the management of La Poste is stepping up the attacks against employees (eliminated bonuses, low wages, understaffing, precarious temporary workers, managerial pressures of all kinds) ”.

It remains to be seen what the scale of the movement will be and whether it will be repeated …

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