Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Darmanin Asks to Ban Demonstrations for Palestine Planned in Paris on Saturday

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Darmanin asks to ban demonstrations for Palestine planned in Paris on Saturday

PROTEST: In a telegram sent to all the prefects, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin asks them to “anticipate the risks of overflow” with the demonstration in support of Palestine

Gérald Darmanin decided. The Minister of the Interior on Thursday asked the Paris police prefect to ban the demonstration of support for the Palestinian people scheduled for Saturday in the capital, because of “serious disturbances to public order observed in 2014”.

“I asked the Prefect of Police to ban the demonstrations on Saturday in connection with the recent tensions in the Middle East, ” tweeted the Minister of the Interior, referring to the demonstration scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 p.m. in Barbès (18th century). borough). “Serious disturbances to public order were noted in 2014,” he added. Elsewhere in France, “instructions have been given to prefects to be particularly vigilant and firm,” Darmanin wrote.

“Anticipate the risks of overflow”

In a telegram sent to all the prefects and consulted by AFP, the minister asks them to “mobilise the intelligence services” to “ensure the follow-up of these movements” and “anticipate the risks of overflow”.

And “do not hesitate” to “ban” demonstrations if their declarations are “out of time”, represent a risk of “disturbances to public order” or do not “respect the rules of the state of health emergency”.

In July 2014, several demonstrations were organised in France to denounce the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip. On July 19th in particular, several thousand demonstrators defied the ban on demonstrating in Barbès. The rally had degenerated quickly, giving way to hours of urban riots.

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