Covid-19: Olivier Véran Confirms the Reopening of the Terraces for the 19th May

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The terraces will be able to reopen from Wednesday May 19, 2021 everywhere in France.

All the terraces of cafes, bars and restaurants will reopen on 19th May 2021, confirmed the Minister of Health, while hospital pressure continues to decrease.

This is good news at the start of the week: the health situation allows the terraces of cafes, bars and restaurants to reopen from the 19th May everywhere in France, confirmed the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Monday 10th May 2021. at LCI’s microphone.

Less than 5,000 people in intensive care

“It’s happy,” said Olivier Véran, confirming that the health pressure caused by the coronavirus epidemic was decreasing in hospitals. The number of patients in intensive care has indeed returned below the symbolic bar of 5,000 on Sunday evening, with 4,971 people currently in these services.

“The summer period will undoubtedly allow us, too, to strengthen our efficiency in the face of the epidemic, but we will remain vigilant,” added the Minister. “The prospects are rather good but that does not mean above all that we should relax our efforts too much: we maintain the barrier gestures, the distance, but we find a little life”.

Olivier Véran added that he did not fear “immediately” a 4th wave of the coronavirus epidemic

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