Cognac: Watch out For Checks, All Weekend Long, In Charente

Local News
More speed checks in Cognac, Charente this weekend

ROAD SAFETY: The first operations are taking place this Wednesday evening … especially on the N141, in Cognac, Charente.

Many cars are driving this Wednesday evening on the N141, in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean. And to mark the start of this long Ascension weekend, the police have been deployed on the roads. Gendarmerie in Moulidars, national and municipal police in Cognac …

At the Crouin roundabout, alcohol checks have been carried out since 6 p.m. Upstream, the police keep binoculars on motorists driving with a phone in their hand. Little speeding, on the other hand, given the traffic jams.

“The objective is to be visible” , indicates Magali Debatte, prefect of Charente, who announces 45 checks by Sunday evening on the department. She recalls the bad road safety figures for 2021: eight people died since the start of the year and an increase in accidents.

In Cognac, the police will also organize checks throughout the weekend. With particular vigilance brought to the national 141, “very accident prone axis”, according to the commander Frédéric de Vargas. Over the past two years, two-thirds of accidents in Cognac have occurred between La Trache and Crouin. 

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