Charente: The Leader price od Angouleme and Champniers Close

Local News
This Wednesday evening, the Leader Price of Angouleme closes, that of Champniers drops the redieau on May 26th.

COMMERCE: With Aldi purchasing Leader Price, two stores in Angouleme and Champniers are to close for a makeover to the Aldi Brand

Aldi has bought the Leader Price brand. The two Agglo stores are closing for a while to get a makeover under their new brand.

The Leader Price of the rue de Bordeaux, in Angoulême, closes this Wednesday evening. Yesterday, the shelves were already almost all empty. Fresh and frozen products had been on sale for several days. The hard discount store located next to the Optical Center will reopen on June 16 under the Aldi banner.

On November 30th, the Aldi brand bought the Leader Price brand from the Casino Group. This project is part of a strategy to develop Aldi France’s activities throughout the country. The ambition: that every French person has access to an Aldi store fifteen minutes from home.

Leader Price disappears completely from the Agglo d’Angouleme. The store located in the Mountains area, in Champniers also closes on May 26. Like the one on rue de Bordeaux, it will be renovated before welcoming its new brand.

All employees of Aldi (in Angoulême) and Leader Price (in Angoulême and Champniers) will be retained.

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