Rennes: A Man Arrested for Having Organised a Party with 25 People in his Apartment

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A man was arrested in Rennes after organising a party during curfew

CURFEW: The police in Rennes was alerted by the stocks of alcohol carried out by the tenant after complaints from neighbours of a party during curfew

For several weeks now, the police have been trying to put an end to the recurring nighttime noise of an inhabitant of the Gros-Chêne slab, in the district of Maurepas, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). Friday evening, they put an end to a clandestine party organized in this small accommodation which was causing great harm to the neighbourhood. Inside this small one-bedroom apartment of around 30 m², the police were surprised to find 25 to 30 people around 10:30 pm, when the curfew was largely exceeded.

Arrived in large numbers and helped by a dog team, the night BAC did not issue a ticket to the participants in this party but arrested the tenant and placed him in police custody. After denying the facts, the alleged organizer admitted that he had invited several people to his home for an alleged birthday party. There, the music was loud and the alcohol flowed freely. And no one wore a mask, according to a police source. Aged 45, this man will be the subject of a criminal composition.

Monitoring for several weeks

The Maurepas sector chief brigadier Karine Doucement had been following this individual for several weeks, about whom several neighbours complained regularly. Discussions had been initiated with the owner’s trustee, the accommodation being the only one in the middle of offices. On Friday, it was when they saw the man stocking up on alcohol that the police knew something was brewing.

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