Microsoft: Xbox Live Services Changes to Xbox Network

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Xbox live is changing to Xbox Network

VIDEO GAMES: This name change will clearly distinguish its paid Xbox Live Gold offer from the old Xbox Live service.

Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service since 2002, is changing its name. It will become Xbox Network, reports an article from The Verge relayed by 01Net on Tuesday. By renaming it like this, the American firm wants to avoid confusion with its Xbox Live Gold subscription service.

These are beta testers who saw the new name on the dashboard of their game console.

As early as August, the change of the name of the Xbox online service was notified in an update to the Microsoft Services Agreement. In some parts of the document, the term Xbox Live had been replaced by Xbox online service, but not yet by Xbox Network. Asked by The Verge , Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Network is now the new name for the online service dedicated to consoles.

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