In an Embarrassing Moment Joe Biden Forgets what the Pentagon is Called and the Name of the Secretary of Defense

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United States President Joe Biden forgets name od secretary of Defense

UNITED STATES: President of the United States, Joe Biden Forgets the name of the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense

After making a public appearance last week – at one point muttering “What am I doing here?” while forgetting the names of the main Democrats, the president of the United States, Joe Biden did not remember the name of the Pentagon on Monday, nor that of his own secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin  – who spoke a  few minutes before Biden does take the stage to make remarks on International Women’s Day.

Here’s a very confused Joe Biden on March 1 asking what he’s doing here:

On Monday, the Washington Post noted that Vice President Kamala Harris plays an “unusually important role” in shaping Mr Biden’s foreign policy – she spoke to six world leaders apart from Mr Biden and participated “very actively in the deliberations on how to respond to attacks by Iranian-backed militias against US forces in Iraq, as well as on whether to sanction Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi ”, according to the White House.

Of course, both Biden and Harris made reference to the “Harris administration” on more than one occasion in the 2020 election.

At the end of February, dozens of Democrats in the House of Representatives called on Mr Biden to waive the sole authorization to use nuclear weapons, because “the military are obliged to carry out the order if they feel it is legal under the laws of war ” if Mr Biden – or a future president – decides to drop nuclear bombs without consulting advisers.

Two weeks later, a group of bipartisan senators introduced a bill that would deny Biden the ability to launch military operations without first seeking Congressional approval after Biden bombed Syria.

Former Clinton insider Dick Morris predicted Democrats would invoke the 25th Amendment on Biden “so that a strike cannot be launched without consulting his cabinet or congressional leaders, which no president has been invited to do in 76 years since we got the bomb, ”adding“ I think both of these points to the Democrats basically, and increasingly in their minds, intending to oust Biden under of the 25th Amendment ”.

Incredible, considering Biden received the most votes in history.

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