Will Google Pixel Smartphones Replace Car Keys or Identity Documents?

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Will the Google Pixel smartphone replace your keys and identity papers

INNOVATION: The Californian giant, Google has announced that it is working with other digital players to develop programs that will secure car keys and dematerialized identity documents.

Google recently expressed its ambition to see its Pixel smartphones eventually replace various identity documents but also take the place of cash and car keys. To develop these projects, the Californian giant announced on Thursday on its blog that it had set up the “Android Ready SE Alliance”. It is a collaboration between Google and other players in the digital sector to protect the data contained in a smartphone.

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The devices must therefore be equipped with a “secure element” (SE), that is to say equipment that materially secures the information and prevents intrusions. “Most modern phones” have this type of device, Google said. But the company wants to “accelerate adoption”. It has therefore launched a new version of its StrongBox program compatible with the secure elements of terminals.

“A new generation of functionalities”

Google explained that it was working on an ecosystem using these tools. This will eventually allow the downloading of applets making possible the operation of new Android features requiring very high data security. In particular, the company hopes to offer a digital car key system, a driving license on a mobile phone or a dematerialized version of passports, identity cards and other documents of this type. The company said it was “looking forward to working with […] its partners to provide its users with a new generation of functionality.”

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