Coronavirus: Gatherings of More Than Six People Outdoors Prohibited “Throughout the Territory”

General News
Gatherings over 6 people prohibited across France to control coronavirus

EPIDEMIC: This ban does not only apply to the 16 departments concerned in the 16 departments concerned by the new confinement. 

Gatherings of more than six people are prohibited outside “throughout the country”, and not only to the  16 departments affected by the additional restrictive confinement measures, said the Minister of the Interior on Wednesday evening.

These measures intended to curb the spread of coronavirus Covid-19 are the variation of the decree of March 19th published after the announcements of Prime Minister Jean Castex. They do not apply for declared events as well as in certain other cases (large families, outdoor sport, etc.), we added, confirming information from RTL.

“Discernment and common sense”

These measures will apply “strictly” in the 16 departments in very strong tension, but also to the rest of France. It is a question of appealing “to the sense of responsibility of the French”, we continued, adding that the police had been asked to show “discernment and common sense”.

“The police will verbalize the facts characterized by abuse of the rule”, we insisted. The minister also asked the prefects of these zones to communicate on all the restrictive measures, namely the respect of the curfew, and the rules for closing establishments open to the public. Checks at stations and at toll plazas will also be organized to limit travel between regions.

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