Coronavirus: In the 19 Confined Departments, a Single Case of Covid-19 in a Class will Cause its Closure

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In the 19 confined departments, a single case of Covid-19 in a class will cause its closure

EDUCATION: Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, announced this Friday new measures for class closures when coronavirus Covid-19 detected

The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced Friday that in the 19 departments concerned by the regional confinement, a single case of coronavirus Covid-19 in a class would now result in its closure, against three cases previously.

“This will necessarily mean more class closures in the coming days for those who are concerned,” he admitted, adding that this would concern “all school levels”, from kindergarten to high school.

“This supposes great adaptations of the company”

“We will therefore strengthen the means of replacement” of teachers, promised the minister, acknowledging “the tension in certain territories”. “The rectorates concerned will be able to recruit more”, he said.

The closed classes will be for “a period of two to three weeks” and parents will be able to ask to benefit from work stoppage to keep their children, Jean-Michel Blanquer added. “This requires major adaptations from society,” he added.

Not to advance the April holidays by two weeks

On the other hand, the minister was not favourable to the proposal to advance the April holidays by two weeks. “We should not forbid ourselves any kind of evolution but the objective is rather to maintain the calendar because it has not been shown that the holidays lead to less contamination than the school period”, he insisted.

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