Vaccination in Switzerland: Around 100 Cases of Serious Side Effects, Including 16 Deaths

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Vaccination in Switzerland: around 100 cases of serious side effects, including 16 deaths

Since the start of the Coronavirus vaccination campaign in Switzerland, the Swissmedic service has received reports of around 100 cases of serious side effects, including 16 deaths. The campaign continues.

Swissmedic, the Swiss Institute for Therapeutic Products, has received precisely 95 reports of serious side effects that are believed to be attributable to vaccinations. His statements come after the vaccination of 750,000 people.

Among these 95 cases, there are no less than 16 deaths, which Swissmedic attributes – after having analyzed them “ with very particular care ” – to pre-existing diseases, and especially not to vaccines.

The sixteen deaths occurred within a “ shorter or longer period ” after vaccination. Swissmedic speaks of the “temporal concordance”, asserting that nothing, in particular, suggests that these deaths are linked to the vaccine.

The average age of those who died was 86, and most of these had been diagnosed with serious pre-existing conditions to which the deaths were attributed.

In all, Swissmedic had received 364 reports of ” suspected adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines “, including 199 for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and 154 for that of Moderna. About 45% of these cases involved people over the age of 75. Of these 364 cases, only 95 were classified as serious, as requiring hospitalization.

Many of the less serious side effects – fatigue, chills, fever, headache, transient pain and swelling at the injection site, muscle and joint pain – don’t even need to be. reported.

According to the Swiss health authorities, these complications “ do not modify the benefit-risk profile ” of the vaccination.

>Swiss Internet users comment on this news in a rather pleasant tone. “ What a great decision! “, Wrote one of them. “ 90 deaths from Coronavirus in 11 days (i.e. 0.001% of the affected population) ‘justify’ continuing the destruction of our society and its ruin, but 90 serious cases (i.e. 0.01% of the affected population) or 364 problems ( or 0.05%) of vaccination are considered benign and do not call into question. 

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