Snow: Transport Disrupted and Heavy Goods Vehicles Stopped in Brittany

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Transport disrupted and heavy goods vehicles stopped in Brittany because of the snow

WEATHER: Several centimetres of fresh snow fell in the early evening on Tuesday in Brittany

We were starting to get impatient. Even to worry about. Announced since Sunday, the snow finally arrived Tuesday in Brittany. After hitting the northern part of the region in the afternoon, snow fell in abundance on Tuesday evening over the Rennes region. After heavy freezing rains at the end of the afternoon , large flakes came to whitewash the soil of the Breton capital and its surroundings, while the curfew was in force and night had fallen.

The situation is for the moment fairly quiet on the roads of the region, little used at this time. At 9 p.m., the Ille-et-Vilaine firefighters had not carried out any intervention related to the snowfall. If some axes were salty, most of the roads in Brittany were whitewashed Tuesday evening and a call for caution was launched by the authorities.

School transport cancelled on Wednesday

Already cancelled on Tuesday, school transport operated by the region will not be provided this Wednesday throughout Brittany. Wednesday morning, it is an episode of ice that is feared by the authorities. “The snow phenomenon could give way to an episode of extreme cold, generating the appearance of ice. It is strongly recommended to cancel non-essential trips and to favor teleworking ”, warns the prefecture of the West defence zone.

The ban on the movement of certain heavy goods vehicles has led the gendarmerie and the Direction des Routes de l’Ouest to ask trucks to park in dedicated areas. Tuesday evening, 312 heavy goods vehicles were stored in five storage areas in Brittany. New dedicated areas should be activated on the Fougères / Caen, Alençon / Mayenne and Rennes / Caen axes overnight, warn the authorities.

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