Nantes Métropole Will Be Paying 3 Million Euros to Closed Businesses

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A leather goods store in Nantes city centre

SUPPORT: The city council of Nantes is making the aid of 750 euros available for the November rent of businesses forced to close.

No less than 4,300 businesses in the Nantes metropolis had to close their doors due to the second confinement imposed by the state. Bars and restaurants have not been allowed to reopen since. To “help them” and avoid bankruptcy filings, Nantes Métropole has decided to relieve their rent in November. A subsidy of 750 euros, capped at the actual amount of the rent or the monthly loan, is therefore offered to all traders forced to close in November.

The overall aid would represent an expenditure of around 3.5 million euros. But, so far, only half of the eligible stores have applied . The metropolis, therefore, alerts latecomers: they have until February 28th to apply online !

“Too bad to miss”

“The payment was made this week for the first applicants. For the others, they have to make themselves known. This is a significant boost for a small business. It would be a shame to miss it, ”insists Gildas Salaün (PS), deputy mayor of Nantes responsible for shops.

At the same time, the city of Nantes announced at the beginning of the week that it was releasing one million euros to support cultural players hard hit by the crisis. An identical amount had been allocated to culture in the spring of 2020.

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