Denmark Announces Upcoming Digital Vaccination Passport

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Denmark announces upcoming coronavirus digital vaccination passport

Denmark has announced the upcoming implementation of a digital vaccination passport to allow travellers to move around and ease health restrictions.

The Danish government announced on February 3rd that it would develop a digital vaccination passport: this document would be used to travel to Denmark and to ease the health restrictions brought about by the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

Acting Finance Minister Morten Boedskov told a press conference that pending the launch of the permit, ”  in three to four months a digital corona passport will be ready for use for, for example, travel. business ”.

It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to relaunch Danish society so that companies get back on track. Many Danish companies are multinationals with the world as their market,” he added.

Passport available on the phone

At the end of February, the Danes should, while waiting for the launch of this vaccination passport, have access to a site indicating whether or not they have been vaccinated. ” This will be an extra passport which you can have on your phone and which will document the fact that you have been vaccinated “, explained the minister. “We can be among the first countries in the world to have it and can show it to the rest of the world. 

A certificate will be issued to people who have received both doses of the vaccine. It will be accessible on an electronic health portal called “Sundhed”. Every Dane can register for a test, receive their results and manage their medical file.

This presentation by the Minister was made to representatives of the Confederation of Danish Industries, one of the largest business organizations in the country, as well as to the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Iceland and Estonia on the same track

Since mid-January, Iceland has already offered a certificate to its nationals and allows European tourists who have a vaccination certificate to enter its soil without the obligation of isolation. Israel is also considering the establishment of such a passport.

On February 2nd, Estonia said it would allow passengers who arrive in its territory with proof of vaccination not to be quarantined.

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