Covid-19: A Vaccine Resistant Mutation Discovered in France

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For several weeks, three variants of the virus have been circulating on French soil. A fourth would have been discovered, insensitive to vaccines.

For several weeks, three variants of the virus have been circulating on French soil. A fourth would have been discovered, insensitive to vaccines. Explanations.

For several weeks, France has been fighting against the upsurge in the Covid-19 epidemic. Currently, the Ministry of Health qualifies the health situation as stable, but fragile. Indeed, the positivity rate in the country is relatively regular, despite the spread of the different variants on the territory. British, Brazilian, South African … There are three of them, they are spreading, and at any time risk plunging us into a third wave of the epidemic.

Faced with this threat, new measures have been put in place. General curfew at 6 p.m., closure of shopping centres of more than 20,000 square meters, strengthening of controls at French borders … In addition, barrier gestures have also been adjusted. The recommended physical distance is two meters against one before, wearing an artisanal mask is now not recommended or even prohibited depending on the location … In short, you have to be extra vigilant in the face of these more dangerous and more contagious changes in the coronavirus. The good news: for the moment, these variants do not seem to resist the vaccines developed to date. 

New mutation of Covid-19: five cases detected in France

The only thing is: a fourth variant, according to La Dépêche, was discovered by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. This mutation of Covid-19 would be rather similar to the Brazilian and South African mutations … except that it would be more resistant to vaccines. Five cases have already been identified in France. What do we know about this mutation, exactly?

New mutation of Covid-19: which country does it come from?

This mutation, which is, therefore, the fourth recorded by scientists, currently bears the name “B.1.525”. The origin of this variant is still unknown. However, the first cases resulting from this mutation would date to mid-December 2020. To date, it is estimated that it circulates in thirteen countries, including France. In addition, scientists have reportedly detected 39 cases in the United Kingdom, 35 in Denmark, 29 in Nigeria, as well as 10 in the United States.

You have understood it: this variant would be more resistant to the vaccine than these cousins. Moreover, it would also be very contagious. Fortunately, there is at least one good news …

A new mutation of Covid-19: are the laboratories ready?

By dint of dealing with variants, laboratories now have the information necessary to make their vaccines stronger in the face of the emergence of new mutations. Including this one. According to Jonathan Stoye, a virologist quoted in  La Dépêche, “they just need to target this mutation as a priority when developing their new formulas”. In addition, Europe announced a simplification of the marketing of new vaccine formulas aimed at making them more effective against variants.

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