Covid-19: Facebook Now Prohibits Saying that Vaccines are Dangerous …

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Facebook now prohibits saying that covid-19 vaccines are dangerous ...

Facebook has updated its rules of use to stop the spread of “fake news” about vaccines against coronavirus Covid-19. At least in theory.

While its founder Mark Zuckerberg assured last September that the social network would not tackle discussions about vaccines, the company announced a new list of claims now banned on the platform.

A first list had already been announced at the end of 2020, for example, to ban any posts and publications mentioning the integration of microchips in vaccines.

Now Facebook says it has worked with health experts, including the WHO, to identify new claims that will now be considered untrue.

Posts against the Coronavirus Covid-19 vaccines classed as “Fake News”

According to a post published on his blog , it is therefore forbidden to say that “vaccines against coronavirus Covid-19 are not effective”, that “it is less dangerous to be infected with Covid-19 than to be vaccinated”, or that“ vaccines are toxic or cause autism ”.  All posts like this will be classed as “Fake News” and banned from the platform

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