Coronavirus: Nearly 26,000 New Cases and 297 Deaths in 24 Hours

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Coronavirus: Nearly 26,000 new cases and 297 deaths in 24 hours

EPIDEMIC: A slight decrease in hospitalisations of coronavirus patients is observed

The figures for hospitalizations and intensive care of Covid-19 patients over 24 hours were down slightly compared to the day before, according to data from Sante Publique France published on Wednesday.

Hospitals now accommodate 27,417 coronavirus patients, against 27,634 the day before, with 1,525 admissions in the last twenty-four hours (+1,931 Tuesday).

More than 3,300 patients in intensive care

Of these patients, 3,309 are in an intensive care unit (which receives the most serious cases), against 3,332 on Tuesday. During previous waves, the number of patients in sheaves had reached 7,000 in the spring and 4,900 in the fall. The intensive care services have admitted 282 patients since Tuesday (+334 the day before).

The disease killed 297 people in twenty-four hours. The total number of deaths since the start of the epidemic was not available at 9 p.m. On Tuesday, the death toll had crossed the 80,000 mark to 80,147.

2.5 million first dose of vaccine

The number of cases tested positive rose to 25,837, against 18,870 on Tuesday, and the positivity rate (positive people compared to all those tested) remained stable at 6.3%, as the day before, in decline compared to 6.7% recorded the previous Wednesday 3rd February.

As of Wednesday, nearly 2.5 million people have received at least one vaccine injection: 2,057 have received a first injection only and 443,000 both injections, according to the statement from the Ministry of Health.

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