Coronavirus: Increase in the Number of Patients in Hospital and Intensive Care

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Increase in the number of patients in hospital of coronavirus Covid-19 patients in France

EPIDEMIC: A total of 3,371 patients are hospitalised in the intensive care units across France due to the coronavirus Covid-19 Epidemic

The number of hospitalised coronavirus Covid-19 patients , as well as that of patients in intensive care, was on the rise, and therefore remains at a high level, according to figures released Monday by the health authorities. Hospitals received 26,478 patients with Covid-19, including 1,431 who arrived in the past 24 hours. As of Sunday, they were 26,401, including 651 new hospitalizations.

Regarding resuscitation services, which receive the most serious cases, they numbered 3,371 patients, including 306 who had arrived since the day before. On Sunday, they were 3,299 in intensive care (including 113 entries). Over the last seven days, hospitals recorded 9,475 new hospitalisations in total, and intensive care units 1,723 (against 9,921 hospitalisations and 1,763 entries in shifts over the seven days ended Sunday).

The declining positivity rate

4,376 new people have tested positive for the virus , but the figures given on Monday on this indicator are less relevant than the rest of the week because many laboratories are closed on Sunday. The positivity rate (percentage of people who tested positive out of all those tested) was 5.9%, compared to 6% on Sunday and 6.4% seven days ago. As of February 15th, 3,014,457 vaccine injections had been carried out, of which 720,249 involved a 2nd dose, since the start of the vaccination campaign , at the very end of December.

The coronavirus epidemic has caused the death of 413 people over the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll in France to 82,226 (including 58,227 in hospital). The first death in France officially linked to the epidemic occurred just one year ago, on February 15, 2020. It was an 80-year-old Chinese tourist, who died in the Parisian hospital Bichat and from Hubei province, where the first cases of a new coronavirus, still poorly known, had appeared a few weeks earlier.

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