Coronavirus: The Curfew Starting at 4 pm is “Not a Studied Track”, Assures Government

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Will the Government start the curfew at 4pm in France

On Facebook, a viral video with a misleading title announces that “the government may well advance the curfew to 4 pm” during the school holidays

  • A video widely relayed on Facebook evokes the probable announcement of a curfew advanced to 4 pm by the government.
  • But the video is based on a possibility mentioned on February 12 by the president of the Moselle department, particularly affected by the South African and Brazilian coronavirus mutations.
  • The entourage of Jean Castex indicates that there are no “additional measures of braking” of the epidemic envisaged “for the moment”.

“The government may well bring the curfew forward to 4 pm during the holidays. “On Facebook, a video with a particularly alarmist title is shared virally. Under the latter, the comments express the fed up: “Tired of this curfew. After work you have to hurry back home, not even time to breathe a little “,” Better and better or otherwise we go out for more of the day “,” Why not a curfew from 6 am to 12 noon …. For the fat-mat !!!! But where are we going !!!! ”. In addition to this video, ten Facebook pages also relay articles evoking “rumours” of “curfew shifted to 4 pm”.

True or False?

From the video, which is not sourced, the threat of an advanced two-hour curfew seems less acute. Indeed, the video does not refer to government announcements but refers to comments by Patrick Weiten, president of the Moselle departmentAsked about France Info on the morning of a visit by Olivier Véran to the department , Friday 12th February, the elected UDI had mentioned, among the possible avenues to slow the spread of variants in Moselle, a “curfew on weekends. end […] at 2 or 4 p.m. ”. During his visit to Metz later in the day, the Minister of Health had ruled out the introduction of additional restrictions in the department.

Patrick Weiten had also returned to his words the next day, February 13th, following the visit of Olivier Véran and the announcement of the strengthening of the testing and vaccination policy. “We are in a situation that is still under control. […] I thought the schools would close, he said on BFMTV. I thought there was going to be a curfew on Saturday and Sunday starting at 4 p.m. None of this was announced today. ”

Contacted about a possible advancement of the curfew to 4 pm,  the Government indicates: “This is not a studied track. For the moment, there are no announcements of additional measures to slow down ”the epidemic, either in France or for the Moselle department, particularly affected by the mutation of the coronavirus.

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