Coronavirus: Bachelot Announces “Experiments” for Standing Concerts in Paris and Marseille

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A concert by The Weeknd at Paris Bercy in 2017

CONCERTS: The tests will be done in March and April to analyze the transmission of the coronavirus at concerts

Roselyne Bachelot is looking for a model allowing the reopening of performance venues despite the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic For this, the Minister of Culture announced Monday evening “experiments” in March and April, in Marseille and Paris, for “standing” concerts.

“I am very optimistic for seated festivals (…). For standing shows, it’s more complicated, that’s why I’m conducting experiments and these experiments are intended to test what’s going on, ”Roselyne Bachelot said on LCI.

An experiment with Inserm

“Subject to a catastrophic health situation” and if the protocols are validated, two test concerts will take place “in the second half of March”, with a thousand people, in the auditorium of the Dôme in Marseille, “seated with the possibility of getting up ”. An experiment conducted with Inserm, a public institution dedicated to health and research.

All people will be tested before the concert, and positive cases “will not be filtered because you have to put yourself in a situation where there will be a mixing”. Tests will also be carried out after the event, to see what happened in terms of contamination. Masks and hydro alcoholic gel will be distributed.

A European scientific conference in Marseille on April 8th

In Paris, 5,000 people will take part in an experiment in the large Accor Arena with the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), “a standing gauge concert”, with “a test group” alongside these 5,000 people, specified the minister.

Roselyne Bachelot also announced the holding of a European scientific conference, scheduled for Marseille on April 8th, where the various experiments will be “confronted” and studied to build “a resilient model” for the entertainment world.

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