Amazon Shows Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Amazon would like to design its own cryptocurrency

E-COMMERCE: Jeff Bezos’ company, Amazon is reportedly set to launch cryptocurrency testing in Mexico

Amazon could very soon add a string to its bow. In addition to its own e-commerce products and video streaming platform, Amazon could also enter the cryptocurrency market. Several job offers have recently been published in this regard.

If the American company does not comment on this subject, one can easily imagine that the platform intends to offer its customers to make purchases on its platform or to pay for their subscription in this currency. “This product will allow customers to convert their cash into cryptocurrency, then they can take advantage of online services, including purchasing goods or services like Prime Video,  ” says one of Amazon’s job listings. Difficult to be clearer.

Tests outside the United States

The first tests would be carried out in Mexico. Amazon’s Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP) division could then target emerging markets such as Brazil, Australia or Singapore to test its new cryptocurrency.

It wouldn’t really be the first time Amazon has entered the digital currency market. The e-commerce platform already offers Amazon Coins since 2013, a kind of virtual currency that allows its customers to benefit from discounts on applications, games, as well as additional content. But Amazon could seek to go further and ride the growing popularity of Bitcoin by offering more possibilities to its customers. It remains to wait for Amazon to announce the news. Remember that Tesla has already invested heavily in this cryptocurrency and that MasterCard or Uber have announced the opening of related services. So it’s no surprise that Amazon is looking into the matter.

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