State of Health Emergency: Facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner Restores the Truth

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State of health emergency: facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner restores the truth

RESTRICTIONS: The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people, restricted during the coronavirus Epidemic

The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people in an Assembly whose hostility and arrogance are embodied by Minister Olivier Véran, who leans more on the side of the labs than of the people.

The elected Alsatian who became independent (in the Freedoms and Territories group) asks to repeal the state of health emergency regime which has just been extended, once again. In other words, the dictatorship regime that Macron and his sponsors are imposing on the French, without any valid health reason, but with both economic and frightening eschatological aims.

“I would like us to really put in phase these disproportionate measures which are proposed to us once again, this extension of the state of emergency, in the face of the health reality. Earlier, I heard figures again, 25,000, 26,000 contaminated yesterday. What are we talking about? We have been talking and still unfortunately for over a year of testing! We are not talking about patients, we are not talking about sick people! We are talking about positive tests! This positive test, again and again, the famous PCR, which we know scientifically is a test that is worthless in terms of disease diagnosis, that it is a test that was created to do research and to no time to be used in collective epidemiology!

Can we finally, and I would rather that the general rapporteur and the minister present here wink at each other because they find my words completely absurd, but I would like them to really pay attention to what it happens. I took the Alsatian incidence rate figures. Listening to my colleague Olivier Becht earlier, I had the impression that in Alsace we had to make human mass graves to bury the dead, let’s be reasonable, let’s be reasonable! We have an incidence rate today which is lower than the average… ”

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