PSG: Leonardo Sends a Message to his Duo Neymar-Mbappé and Evokes the Rumour Messi

PSG sends a message to his duo Neymar-Mbappé and evokes the rumor Messi

FOOTBALL: The sporting director of PSG will have the mission this year to extend his two stars Mbappé and Neymar, but not at all costs obviously

New year, new coach and burning issues to be resolved as quickly as possible under penalty of angering Doha … Leonardo’s program in 2021 at PSG is more than busy. On this occasion, the sports director of Paris Saint-Germain gave a long interview to our colleagues from France Football in which he sweeps all the hot topics of the moment. Starting with the one at the top of the pile: the extension of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

At the end of the contract in June 2022, the two men have still not realized what their future will be like, but the objective of PSG and Leo is obviously to have them extended as soon as possible. “I hope they are convinced that PSG is a good place at the moment for a very high level and ambitious football player. (…) We just have to find an agreement between their desires, their requirements, our expectations and our means, ”he explained.

PSG will try Messi if …

While the negotiations should accelerate in the coming weeks, the sporting director still wanted to show that PSG was not in a weak position compared to its two stars. “We’re not begging them, ‘Please stay.’ It’s more argued than that. Those who really want to stay will remain, he warned. We talk regularly and I have good feelings about these two issues. ”

The Brazilian also returned to the rumour Leo Messi, suggesting that the club would necessarily position itself if the Argentine ever formalized his desire to leave the club this summer (at the end of his contract next June, Messi is now free to get involved for free where they want). “Great players like Messi will always be on the PSG list. But this is of course not the time to talk about it, or to dream about it. (…) But we are seated at the large table of those who are following the file closely. In fact, no, we are not yet seated, but our chair is just reserved in case… ”.

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