National Curfew at 6 pm, Re-Confinement, Confinement on Weekends: These Restrictions that Could Fall this Week

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National curfew at 6 p.m., re-containment, confinement on weekends: these restrictions that could fall this week

EPIDEMIC: What are the options that Jean Castex and the government are considering for France, to try and slow down the coronavirus epidemic

On Wednesday 13th January, the government will meet at a new health defence council, on the eve of a new speech by Jean Castex. This is not a good sign given the epidemic rebound. What are the scenarios considered at this stage?

Health Defense Council Wednesday!

The epidemic situation is deteriorating in France. Many cases of the coronavirus variant are detected every day throughout the territory. In addition, the contamination figures are around 20,000 daily cases, far from Emmanuel Macron’s goal of 5,000. To date, 25 departments are on curfew from 6 pm and the others from 8 pm. Maybe not for a long time. This is the question that will be at the heart of the health defence council on Wednesday 13th January.

However, the government may still choose not to announce new measures this week and allow itself a few extra days to allow consultation with local elected officials. Otherwise, three scenarios are under consideration.

The three scenarios considered

The first scenario considered is a national curfew to 6pm. This scenario would be the most likely. The president of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy, will also give the government a report on the impact of the curfew at 6 pm.

The most feared scenario is that of third national confinement. The government is not closing its doors completely, but it is presented for the moment as “the last resort” by the Prime Minister. The question of local re-containment or the closure of non-essential businesses also arises.

Finally, a third scenario is studied and comes between the two. It would be a question of maintaining the curfew at 6 pm and adding confinement on the weekends, which would greatly limit travel.

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