Jean Castex: The Prime Minister Ready to Announce a Third Confinement this Thursday?

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Will Jean Castex announce a third confinement in France to fight the coronavirus epidemic ?

CORONAVIRUS: Will the Prime Minister, Jean Castex announce the third confinement of France this Thursday when he makes his speech to the country about the current situation of the coronavirus Epidemic

Jean Castex will organize a new press conference this Thursday 14th January. And the latter is particularly awaited by the French. Citizens obviously fear the announcement of third confinement, which does not seem excluded for the executive. 3 scenarios are under study.

Towards a third reconfinement?

The French are starting to get used to it. Indeed, last March, they faced confinement for the first time in their lives. This word was part of their daily life and is therefore not ready to come out. After three months of the fierce fight against coronavirus Covid-19, the government then decides to release a little ballast.

The French then found a semblance of freedom in May. Summer passes, but at the start of the school year, the figures are catastrophic. The government has no choice but to put in place a second lockdown. The latter began on October 28 and ended four weeks later.

But while citizens thought they were off the hook, the reality could be quite different.

Jean Castex’s highly anticipated announcement

Jean Castex will organise a new press conference this Thursday 14th January. And obviously, many French people fear the announcement of a third confinement. In addition to weighing heavily on the economy, it is terrible for the morale of citizens.

Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson was invited this Monday 11th January at the microphone of Europe 1. He expressed his feelings about the situation and made rather reassuring remarks about the confinement. “At this stage, there is no planned reconfinement, but obviously we are monitoring the situation with great attention (…) and obviously we will continue to take the necessary measures, especially in certain towns”.

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