Google Messages: Some Smartphones Could be Deprived of Messaging on April 1st

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Google Messages: Some smartphones could be deprived of messaging on April 1

MESSAGING: Affected devices will not be able to accommodate the version of Google Messages that offer end-to-end message encryption

Google Messages will stop working on some smartphonesAs of April 1, 2021, some users will no longer be able to use the application, reveals Frandroid relaying information from the XDA-Developers siteThe latter dug into the latest version of Google Messages and found an unambiguous line there: “As of March 31, Messages will stop working on devices without certifications, like this one. “

So far Google has not made any statement on this subject. But it seems that this decision to exclude certain devices has a connection with the new features of the Google Messages application concerning the deployment of the RCS message encryption – Rich Communication Service, it’s alternative to SMS – from end to end. Tests are underway, and Google Messages should offer the message encryption solution during the year, as is already the case on Telegram or Signal.

Few devices affected

Which devices will be affected? It has now been several years since Google has published a constantly updated list of terminals with access to the Play Store, specifies FrandroidA user whose device is not in this list of 31,000 references may therefore be deprived of Google Messages. But in reality, few devices are affected. Most of the smartphones known to the general public are on the list, Numerama points out.

The media also notes that this message could disappear in a future version of Google Messages because there is no indication that the one scrutinized by XDA-Developers will be the one offered by Google to users around the world.

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