Coronavirus in the United States: Terrorised by the Epidemic, He Hides for Three Months in an Airport

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The American found at the airport was unemployed but did not have a criminal record.

ANGUISH: The 36-year-old Los Angeles resident lived for three months in a Chicago airport area closed to the public, asking passengers for food

Aditya Singh, 36, was arrested last weekend at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. This Los Angeles resident was in an area closed to the public and had been spotted by two employees who alerted security. It had actually been three months since the Californian was in the terminal, which he refused to leave for fear of the Covid-19, reports Chicago Tribune. He was charged with “violation of an airport area closed to the public”.

Judged on the 27th January 

The thirty-something was also indicted for “minor theft”. He was in fact in possession of an access badge, declared missing by an employee since October 26th, a week after the arrival of the thirty-something. Since then, he would have lived in a secure area of ​​the airport, asking for some food from the passengers.

The man is an unemployed hotel graduateHe has not committed any violence and his criminal record is clean. While awaiting trial on January 27, he may be released on bail of $ 1,000, but access to the airport will be prohibited. The Chicago Aviation Department reassured its customers, assuring that the man was not considered dangerous.

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